Staying Motivated

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This is one of the most dangerous parts of any triathletes’ season.  Not because the cooler of beer is constantly calling your name ….  I am talking about an even bigger danger: the mid-season slump. If you have started training in April and your race isn’t until late August – this time of year can drag. […]

Walking Meetings

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You are committed to creating a healthy workplace, but are looking for simple, effective ideas? Why not skip the conference room and take your meetings on the move with Walking Meetings? By moving, both the body and the mind are engaged in the process, enhancing creativity, and problem-solving skills while preventing the mental haze that comes […]

Creating a Culture of Wellness

Wellness Culture | Workplace Wednesday |

Happy.  Healthy.  Profitable.  This is the goal of organizations.  If employees are healthy and happy the business will in turn be more profitable.  In a study published by Health Affairs, researchers found that medical costs for the organization fall by about $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness programs and that absenteeism costs fall by […]