New Running Shoes: What’s Your Why?

New Running Shoes: Finding Your Why

There is nothing better than new running shoes.  You know that feeling, right?  That first run in new running shoes is amazing! Seriously – first, they just look so good!  Second, they are so cushy and supportive.  Third, they raise your heel just the right amount they literally push you forward.  You can’t just stand […]

Add an “er” to Reach Your Exercise Goals

Exercise Mantra | Intentions | Just Do It | Fake it Till You Make It |

Mantras.  Positive Statements.  Intentions.  Whatever you call them – they can actually work in terms of your fitness goals.  If you just describe yourself as an exerciser or a weight lifter or a runner or anything with an “er” it works.  Honestly! I was re-listening to a Rich Roll podcast with Josh LaJaunie.  Haven’t heard […]