Is This the Year for your First Triathlon?

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Is this the year?  Is this the year you take the plunge?  Literally and Figuratively?  Has it been on your bucket list?  Are you ready?


Are you ready for your first triathlon?  If you said yes – then this post series is for you!  In the next 4 weeks we will be covering:

  • How to pick the right distance and the best race for you!
  • What the heck am I supposed to wear?  (And do I really need to buy a new bike?  The quick answer is – probably not.)
  • Now that I am all signed up how on earth do I train?


What I really want is for you to be 500 percent more prepared than I was for my first triathlon.


Let me tell you just the beginning of that story:

I am sitting in my kitchen and see this story about the Ironman.  You know the one – the crazy swim 2.4 miles then bike 112 and THEN run 26.2.  Yep – that one – and I say … I totally can do this!  And I proceed to sign up for Ironman Lake Placid.   Crazy – right?  I knew how to swim, but had never swam laps.  My bike was a 10-year-old mountain bike – the only thing I had done at this point was run a marathon.  Let me tell you I did EVERYTHING wrong.  EVERYTHING.  I didn’t try on the wetsuit I borrowed from my boss until the day before the race.  Yep – the day before!  I didn’t put enough miles on the bike.  And I didn’t know anything about hydration or nutrition.  I actually left a water stop with NO water bottles as I thought I would just pick one up at the next aid station.


Now – this story is a little extreme and I have done many triathlons of all distances since my first foray.  Triathlons actually are very accessible – and do-able for everyone with a little bit of work.  They don’t need to be scary and the training and the racing is really fun!  You just need a little information and 8 – 12 weeks to train and you will be able to call yourself a triathlete!


Getting back to my story, what was the most important thing that I did wrong?  I picked the wrong distance!  Who just starts out with an Ironman? That is what I will cover next week.  Picking the right race for your first triathlon.


See you next week!


Until then, move your body, put good things in and ENJOY every day!

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