Be Nice To Yourself. Period.

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The holiday season is all about thinking about others and ensuring their happiness – right?  Well – you can’t do that if you don’t also take care of yourself.  It is so important to stay connected to your body at this time of year by moving your body and putting good things in.  You can do that by:

  • eating whole, unprocessed, plant-based foods
  • maintaining your awesome exercise routine (or at least moving your body every day)
  • staying hydrated
  • meditating
  • and whatever self-care rituals feel good to you.

But self-care and happiness actually involve a lot more than just the physical stuff.  We need to to be nice to ourselves – period.  Just like you are nice to other people – you need to be nice to yourself.  There is increasing scientific research on the importance of self-compassion for health and well-being.  Fortunately, our friends at Happify came up with this infographic to explain how important it really is.


Move your body, put good things in and ENJOY every day!

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