New Running Shoes: What’s Your Why?

New Running Shoes: Finding Your Why

There is nothing better than new running shoes.  You know that feeling, right?  That first run in new running shoes is amazing! Seriously – first, they just look so good!  Second, they are so cushy and supportive.  Third, they raise your heel just the right amount they literally push you forward.  You can’t just stand still when you wear them.  They are begging you to run.

Sometimes the motivation to get my workout done is as easy as a new pair of shoes.  Some days your why could be as easy as that – new running shoes.  And, luckily today that was all it took.  Do the work. Reap the rewards.

There have been other days, however, when the motivation isn’t so clear.  Believe me I have been there.  These days I have my why.  My sister.  All I need to do is think about my sister and I am able to get the work done.   But when I don’t have a clear why there are days when I just can’t get off the couch.  Can any of you relate?  It’s so much easier when you have a greater why.


It reminded me of a conversation my mom just recently had with my sister.  My sister had made the comment that although she understands that her family, friends and everyone she has touched in her life is doing everything they can for her.  We are there for her physically, mentally and spiritually.  Despite all of that, she commented that she felt alone – that nobody else knows what it is like to do the work she needs to do to heal her brain.  Well – that is true.  Oh, so very true.


But – isn’t that what we all feel?  We can have the greatest cheering section, but nobody can go out and get the run done for you.  You can have all of the emotional support and you are the only one who understands the effort it takes you to bike up and over that hill.  You can even have someone swimming laps right beside you – but you have to take each stroke all by yourself.  And having a clear why makes it so much easier.

I am certainly not minimizing what my sister is going through.  Healing from brain surgery is a marathon most of us cannot relate to.  I have no idea what it is like to be her right at this moment.  But – nobody knows what it is like to be you and get up before the sun to get in your workout so you can take care of all of your responsibilities. Nobody knows what your body feels like.  Nobody knows all of your other stresses.  You are the only one who really knows.


What does this all have to do with brand new running shoes?  And really what does this have to do with Trainer Tip Tuesday?


New Running Shoes

For me – the new shoes represent the commitment made toward doing the work that it takes.  I could have invested the money elsewhere – a nice (really nice) bottle of wine, a bottle of perfume or tickets to the theater.  However, I choose to invest in something to help me succeed in my goals.  What you focus on and where you put your resources matters.  What matters to you?  What’s your why?

New shoes also represent support.  We all need the support to get up and do the work.  Whether it is an accountability partner who asks about your training or someone who is meeting you on the corner at 5:30am to do the run with you.  You need the literal support of a good pair of shoes – but you also need the support of others to keep going when it gets tough.  You have to do the work – but you also need to create your tribe.  Who is on your team?

Finally, new shoes represent forward momentum.  They will literally be with you every step of any training run.  And running is all about putting one foot in front of another.  It is the courage to get started and then the persistent consistency to keep going.  It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are going if you are moving forward.


Trainer Tips

  1. Find your why.  You will need it when sleeping in or going out for happy hour sounds so much better than your workout or training session.  Figure out your why.  Write it down.  Read it every morning and every evening.  Live, breathe and act on your why.
  2. Find your tribe. Who is on your cheer squad?  Who is your support system?  Whatever you name it – you need a group of people who will keep you accountable and cheer your successes.  Name them.  Write them down.  Tell them they are on your team.  Tell them what you need from them.
  3. Just do the work. Understand that your why and your peeps can help you – but you are the only one who can do the work. Do the work and then reap the reward.



Move your body, put good things in and ENJOY every day.

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  1. Erin Martinson says: Reply

    Hard work… it’s worth the effort in the end.

  2. I’ve been becoming a runner for the first time this year. My shoes that I bought 2 years ago are full of holes. New shoes, new goals, new records! 🙂

    1. Have fun with your new shoes!

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