Words Are Powerful: I am an Athlete.

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My workouts have felt different this week – in a good way.  Nothing changed about the swimming, biking and running, EXCEPT that I have a schedule and I am training for something.  AND while I was driving the other day I actually referred to myself as an athlete.  Yep – I am an athlete.  It really shouldn’t be that surprising, because ANYONE can be an athlete – just call yourself one and you are one.  It is a easy as that.

I am an athlete.

This changes everything for me.  It means that my workouts are now training sessions.  I think differently about eating.  I now am thinking about fueling my body for my training sessions and for proper recovery.  I think about a day I am not working out not as being lazy, but giving my body a chance to recover before the next training session.

I am an athlete.

All of that might sound like a bunch of mumbo jumbo.  It’s all just words.  Or is it?  I remember listening to a podcast with Josh LaJaunie.  Even when he weighed over 400 pounds he started calling himself a runner.  And what does a runner do?  He runs.  Josh talks about how that simple switch in his brain changed his whole life.  (He really is amazing.  If you want to be inspired check him out!)

I am an athlete.

There is some science that backs this as well.  Harvard Psychologist Ellen Langer tested a theory about aging and the mind. For one week, she took two groups of elderly men. The experimental group was told to act as though they were their younger selves, basically pretending they’d gone back in time 20 years. The control group, on the other hand, was told to immerse themselves in nostalgia, talking about what life was like but not really living it. The results were remarkable. The men in the experimental group underwent positive physiological changes, just by THINKING and ACTING as though they were younger.  Their gait, dexterity, arthritis, speed of movement, cognitive abilities and their memory was all measurably improved.  Their blood pressure dropped and, even more surprisingly, their eyesight and hearing got better.  The other group saw far fewer positive changes. This all happened just by a subtle switch in the brain.

I am an athlete.

Those four little words help inspire my choices.  What are your words?  What do you call yourself?  Words are powerful – so choose wisely.  And then get out and complete the training that is on your schedule for the day!


Move your body, put good things in and ENJOY every day.


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