Consistent Persistence or Persistent Consistency? Just Do It!

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You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.  – Mike Murdoch


The other week I read one of Rich Roll’s posts and I cannot stop thinking about it.  He is training for Ötillö Swimrun World Championships a swim/run event where he is literally tethered to his team mate, Chris Hauth.  However, his message resonates through everything we do.

“Persistent consistency.  Consistent persistence.  Either. Both. Why? Because the path to success isn’t about hacks and shortcuts, it’s about welcoming the challenge and showing up for it.  Every damn day. With everything you got ….”

That is what has been rolling around in my head.  Persistent consistency.  Consistent persistence.  Either. Both. Why?


Of course I looked both of those words up:

Consistent: acting or done in the same way over time

Persistent: continuing firmly or obstinately in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition


And of course I thought I understood what they meant for me.  Develop a routine.  Don’t give up.  The success is in the showing up – every single day.  Do the work. Reap the rewards. But still – there was something more that I needed. Something tangible. I wanted to write about it, but what was I going to say.


Then today.

Today 3 vastly differently people all on the same three blocks of Selby Ave in St. Paul gave me the answer.  Through the actions that they have taken every day – every single day – for over the last decade.  Let me tell you a story.  Actually, let me tell you three of them.


Consistent Fitness

This morning I went to a spin class.  I had just recently moved back to a neighborhood I first lived in 2003.  I went to a spin class at the YWCA and the very same instructor was there teaching the class – Cathy.  The class was amazing – just as it was in 2003 – 14 years ago. Cathy has been living her passion to support others through fitness for longer than I have done almost anything in my life.  She has had many different leadership roles in different organizations.  But, she gets up every day knowing that she is going to make someone healthier.  She doesn’t want a promotion.  She doesn’t need a bunch of accolades.  She is persistent and consistent and relentless in pursuing health for herself and others.  No shortcuts.  No hacks. Every single day.


Persistent Style

This afternoon I walked down the block past Root Salon. I remember when they opened as the space used to be a gift shop.  S came home without a housewarming present in 2004, but he did have a hair appointment for me. My first stylist was amazing, but was consistent and persistent that her goal was to take care of horses.  She left for vet school and has not been back. Consistent. Persistent. Justine, who is still at Root, has been the consistent and persistent force behind the styles of many friends and family for the past 10 years.  And as all of you know – it is not just about hair – it is about confidence and trust and Justine inspires that in everyone she touches. Consistent. Persistent. Every single day.


Consistent and Persistent Passion

The destination that took me past Root Salon was Solo Vino.  Chuck. There are so many amazing things to say about Chuck.  The one that is relevant to this post is also what has taken him to where he is.  Consistent persistence or persistent consistency. Since they day Solo Vino opened Chuck has held fast to the fact the they sell 95% of imported wines. It didn’t matter if California Cabs were the rage or that diversification might bring more people in.  Chuck knew what he wanted and he has always stuck to that vision. He has made is mark deep enough that even with the change in MN law, he continues to stay closed on Sundays – because he is also consistent and persistent that everyone has family time.  Consistent. Persistent. Every single day.


Three examples in three blocks on a street in St. Paul, MN.  There are plenty of others on the block:  Nina’s, Truce, Great Harvest, Corozon, Piece of Cake and there are plenty of others in my life.  People who are being consistent and persistent every single day.


And back to Mike Murdoch:  You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.  What are you going to change today?  What will you add?  What will you subtract?  Imagine how different your life will be a year from now it you change something you to daily today.


Move your body, put good things in and ENJOY every day!

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  1. Thank you, Rachel! I love your view of consistent and persistent. Keep doing you; you inspire all of us!

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