How Far Do You Need To Walk To Enjoy Fair Food?

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Are you ready for the MN State Fair?  If you are from MN you know the Great MN Get Together is the official last big party of the summer.  Many of you have already started making a list of what you want to see and what you are going to eat.  BUT – have you thought about how much walking it will take to burn off those fair treats?  Now, I am not going to tell you to skip Sweet Martha’s cookies or the Deep Fried Cheese Curds – but you might want to get yourself a good pair of walking shoes!


  • Chocolate Chip Cookies: A single sweet Martha cookie contains 90 calories.  But who eats just one? To burn off four cookies, you will need to walk 4 miles.  And that’s just for the cookies!  Having milk with your treat? Look below to see how many miles you should add to the course.
  • An eight-ounce glass of cold whole milk contains 148 calories. If you’re walking to burn off the cookies, you’ll need to add another mile and a half to your route to burn off the milk as well. A smarter option?  Get skim milk. It only contains 83 calories.
  • Ice Cream, Malts, Shakes.  Who doesn’t love a creamy milkshake?  If you plan to enjoy a malt or milkshake in the Dairy Barn, you’ll consume over 350 calories in one small 10 ounce serving.   To burn it off, you’ll need to do walk 3.5 miles around the fair.
  • Pronto Pup.This tasty snack on a stick contains 350 calories.  Eat one and you’ll have to walk up the seven-flight DNR staircase for 40 minutes.
  • Deep Fried Cheese Curds.The number of calories in cheese curds depends on the number that you eat.  By most estimates, you’ll consume 570-759 calories in a single serving of curds.  Got your walking shoes on?  You will need to walk 4 miles, and climb the DNR stairs for thirty minutes when you’re done to burn off the cheesy snacks.
  • Mini Donuts. If you’re like many fair goers, you head straight towards the mini donut booth when you walk through the gates.  If you eat a 12-donut serving, you’ll consume 630 calories.  Did you lace up your shoes?  You will need to walk 6 miles to burn off the calories in that treat.



Remember that there are low calorie foods to eat at the fair like corn on the cob (without all of the butter), grilled kabobs or fresh fruit.  Or, if you don’t have time to walk 6 miles and climb a bunch of stairs you can share the treats with a friend to keep your calorie count lowers.  And then spend the rest of the day logging your miles and enjoying the last days of summer.


Move your body, put good things in and ENJOY every day!

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