Nutrition Tips for Triathletes

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I am certain that you have been putting in time in the pool on your bike and on the paths near your home.  But – what are you eating?  You really need a solid nutrition plan to support all of the effort you are putting out!  Here are 7 tips to keep you going strong through the finish line!  (And – speaking of the finish line …. where are my pictures? Would love to see some!)

Keep a food log for 3–5 days at least twice per year for a nutrition “reality check.” Seeing your habits written down may clue you in on what you might be missing or going overboard on.  It is super helpful to do this mid-season – as it is easy to get into the mindset that you have been working out hard and you “deserve” that extra cookie or glad of wine.

Eat carbs, every day, with most meals and always before and after workouts.  Make sure you are including brown rice, beans, quinoa, oatmeal and other high fiber foods.  This is not the excuse to just eat pasta –although a little is absolutely ok!

Don’t forget your fruits and veggies! Although we’ve heard this over and over, sometimes you get busy and the produce is the first thing to slip out of your diet. Eat 2–3 fruits and 4–6 veggies per day to optimize your weight and nutrient intake.

Recover right. Consume half a gram of carbs per pound of body weight, and 15–20 grams of protein within 30–60 min after training sessions or races.

Follow the 10 percent rule no matter what your nutrition and health goals are: Simply put, 10 percent of your total daily calories can come from splurges, treats or desserts. This keeps your glass of wine, square of dark chocolate or ice cream cone guilt-free, but also within your nutrition budget.

Plan healthy snacks! Two minutes per day is enough time to pack two nutritious snacks, and will save you hundreds of unwanted calories that you’d end up eating if you were not prepared with your own.


Move your body, put good things in and ENJOY every day!

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