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This is one of the most dangerous parts of any triathletes’ season.  Not because the cooler of beer is constantly calling your name ….  I am talking about an even bigger danger: the mid-season slump. If you have started training in April and your race isn’t until late August – this time of year can drag. Your alarm clock goes off, but the motivation to get out of bed and begin your workout is just not there, so you roll over and go back to bed.

“I have trained enough this year. Skipping one workout is not going to ruin my next race,” you think to yourself. You may also begin to cheat here and there on your diet, thinking that an extra beer or veggie burger will just get burned up in your next long workout. If you do get through the workout, instead of cooling down and then stretching—like you know you should—you just plop onto the couch. That’s cool down, right?

It’s skimping on these details especially now when your training is really heating up, that can make or break your late season race. Here is how I stay motivated throughout these summer weeks and cruising into a late season race:

  1. Just get moving: A body at rest stays at rest while a body in motion stays in motion. If I do not feel like working out, I make a bet with myself: If I warm up and am still not feeling 100% then I can stop. However, more often than not, after the first few strokes or steps, my motivation comes back with full force.
  2. Envision your next race: Before each workout, I like to picture myself on the starting line of my next race. Standing there, will I think to myself that I did all that I could to prepare for that race or am I going to be regretting those missed workouts and the second helping of whatever goodness was at the picnic!
  3. Think about the finish line. Are you going to cross with a big smile because you did all of your workouts? Or is it going to be a painful reminder? Can you skip 1 less workout? Can you focus 5% more on your diet? Get 15-30 minutes more sleep per night leading up to your race? All of this will make a difference.

Summer is a great time to train, so go out and enjoy the heat so that you can bring the heat in your next race!

Move your body, put good things in and ENJOY every day!

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