Strength Training: The Secret to a Successful Triathlon

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Let’s discuss a few things.  You are a woman over the age of 40 – just like me – right?  You REALLY want to finish a triathlon – but I am betting that you have a limited amount of training time.  You also want to slow the aging process – right?  (I mean, we are all getting older – but we can have fun and be fit doing it!) And you REALLY want to reduce your fatigue and guard against training injuries.

Sound like you?  Or at least a little like you?  Well …. you need to add one more thing to your training regime.  I know – it is full already – but 2 sessions of strength training per week is going to help you accomplish all of the things above.  Well – it’s not going to make you 10 years younger – but it will make you feel that way and your training and racing is going to be so much easier!

So – what should you do?  Well – here is an easy 45 minute all over body workout that you can do 2x per week.



Complete 3 sets of 10 of each of the exercises with 60 seconds rest between each set and 3 minutes rest between each exercise.

Lateral Pull-downs will work your upper back and improves the pull phase of your swim stroke.

Leg Extensions will target your quads and supports the weight-catching phase of running.

Leg Curls will work the hamstring and boosts the pull-through for both cycling and running.

Bench Press is working your chest, which improves the pull phase in swim.

Squats are targeting your glutes and quads.  This will help generate power for cycling and strength necessary for hilly running.

Lateral Dumbbell Raise is working your shoulder joint, which supports healthy shoulders to prevent swimming injuries.  Nobody wants that!

Calf Raises strengthens your calves and that helps you push-off for running.

Backward Lunges target your adductors and glutes, which support the push phase of hilly running.

Bicep Curls assists in part of the pull phase in the swim and provides climbing leverage on the bike.

Tricep Extensions helps you maintain form through back half of swim stroke and control on the bike.

Plank, well what can’t a plank do?


I hope the training is going well!  Remember I am hear to answer questions or cheer you on if you need it!


Move your body, put good things in and ENJOY every day!

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