Morning Exercise Increases Productivity

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You already know that regular workouts are imperative to keeping you healthy.  But, did you know that they can also make you more productive at work?  And that working out in the morning might be one of your best kept secrets?  Sign me up!

Working out releases hormones which boosts your mood, fights stress and can jump start your creative energy.  It would suffice to say that getting all of those positive hormones flowing in the morning would be especially beneficial.  Couple all of this with the research that shows that exposure to early morning light can help you feel more awake during the day should get all of us setting the alarm and jumping out of bed early!

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4 Benefits of Exercise


  • Gives You More Energy.  It can be challenging to exercise when you are tired.  You might want to hang on to all of the energy you have left, right?  However, did you know that just 20 minutes of low-to-moderate intensity exercise (like walking) performed three times a week can increase energy levels by 20 percent and decrease fatigue by 65 percent, according to a University of Georgia study. Regular activity increases circulation and strengthens your heart muscle, giving you more endurance to power through your busy day.
  • Makes You Smarter.  Physical inflammation in the brain and stimulates the growth of fresh neurons. According to Harvard Health experts that could be why parts of the brain related to thinking and memory are larger in people who exercise regularly compared to those who don’t.  Makes that morning run seem more appealing!
  • Makes You Happier.  It’s hard to be creative or make difficult decisions if you are in a bad mood. Exercise stimulates the release of endorphins — chemicals that minimize discomfort and promote feelings of reward and well-being. You’ll start to feel these effects within just five minutes of starting your workout according to American Psychological Association.
  • Decreases Your Stress. Exercise increases feel-good endorphins, PLUS it lowers levels of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.  This helps you feel calmer and more relaxed. And those benefits really add up.  It has been shown that regular exercise actually reorganizes parts of the brain, making it less reactive to stress.

Morning Exercise:  Just Do It!

When being productive at work is your top priority, you may be tempted to start your day by diving straight into work. What if you changed it up for just 21 days?  A three-week challenge of working out in the morning. See whether you notice a difference in your productivity, mood and stress levels. These simple tips can help you get started.

  • Exercise first thing. Try Mel Robbin’s 5 Second Rule. As soon as you wake up count down from 5 and when you get to 1 just get out of bed before you mind catches up.  Don’t check your email or anything else.  This is time just for you!
  • Eliminate barriers. Lay out your workout clothes and sneakers the night before, for instance.  (Or just sleep in them to eliminate a step in the morning!)  If you opt to go to a gym, find one that’s on the way to work.
  • Reward yourself. Treat yourself to a fresh-pressed juice, smoothie or a coconut milk latte (or, perhaps that one was for me) after your workout. Celebrating your good choices (with other good choices) can help create the habit!


Are you ready?  When is your 21 Day Challenge starting?  I would love to hear your fitness results and how that has impacted your productivity.

Need some help getting started or staying motivated?  I am just a call or an email away.

Move your body, put good things in and ENJOY every day!

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