8 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

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So – I finally took the plunge – and started working with a personal trainer. Yep …. Even trainers need trainers at some point. My reasons were a lot of #3 and just a little (or more than a little) of #5! Whatever your reason – I would LOVE to work with you! Either in person or online – I promise you will improve your life fitness AND leave with a smile on your face!


 1. Personal Trainers Can Teach You New Things

Ever wonder exactly how to use a kettlebell? Are you shying away from planks because you aren’t sure of the proper form? No worries – I am AWESOME at introducing you to new exercises and the bonus – you will be sure to learn the proper form. Plus – you will be smiling!

2.  Personal Trainers Push Your Limits

I can help you safely turn your “I cant’s” into “I did!”

3. Personal Trainers Can Hold You Accountable

You paid for the session, so you are more likely to show up. Studies show that accountability is the #1 reason people stay with a personal trainer. And yes, I will ask you questions like: “What did you eat today?” and “Did you get your cardio in this week?” But I only ask because I care!

4. Personal Trainers Can Help You Bust Through a Plateau

This is where all the science, and certifications pay off. I always have a new workout up my sleeve to help boost your metabolism (and mood!).

5. Personal Trainers Love to See You Sweat

Only a trainer will call you “awesome” when you are at your disheveled worse, huffing and puffing from the move you just completed. I promise I will all the time!!! And at the end we both will be smiling.

6. Personal Trainers Are Affordable “ME” Time

This is one hour for just YOU – and I designed a plan for just you. In a world of multi-tasking and crowds, where else can you get someone’s undivided attention for the betterment of YOU?

7. Personal Trainers Can Help You with a Starting Point

Maybe you used to workout, but now everything (including your body) is different. I will help you start on your journey back to the gym.

8. Personal Trainers Can Freshen Up Your Workout Routine

So, you feel comfortable working out and know how to do a proper squat – but you are bored with the same old routine? No worries – I can shake up your workout regimen with new exercises designed with your goals in mind.


I am ready and waiting for you to contact me! Can’t wait to get started.


Move your body, put good things in and ENJOY every day!

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