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I am CERTAIN that after reading Triathlon Thursday for the past few weeks you have selected a triathlon, gotten all of your essential gear and started your training – right? Of course!  And now here are 10 pieces of advice from age-groupers and coaches– gathered specifically for you!


  1. Lay out everything – in order of when you will use it – in your living room the night before.  Double and triple check it.  You don’t want to miss anything!  Age Grouper Susan P.


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  1. Slow down. You’re not going to lose or not finish because of a slow transition time. It is harder than you think to get on a t-shirt or socks when you are all wet from the swim. Age Grouper Sara P.
  1. Do MORE lake training … it’s vastly different from pool training. Age Grouper Jeremy B
  1. Unless you’re a strong swimmer, try to position yourself away from the chaos – normally to the back left.  And if you panic, roll over on your back, take a few deep breaths, and think happy thoughts! Age Grouper Jay S.
  1. As you get close to the end, kick a little more to get blood flowing to be ready for standing up and running. Swim as far into shore as you can, even if you’re touching the bottom. Coach Steve L.
  1. Remember where you left your bike. Bring along a helium balloon to tie to the rack right by your bike.  It makes it SO much easier when you are trying to find your bike after getting out of the water!  Age Grouper Erin M.
  1. Be sure to leave your bike in the transition area in the right gear. Triathlon Coach Amy L.
  1. Try to be as quick as you can without forgetting anything, like taking off your helmet before you head out onto the run. It actually happens to a lot of people.  This was mine – but just ask my cousin A who actually did this on a training run down Summit Ave in St. Paul!
  1. Don’t hesitate to eat or drink during the run-even if it’s a short race. A sprint shouldn’t require a meal plan – but if you’re thirsty or if you feel like you need a boost, drink or take in a gel.  Coach Tanya A.
  1. And the best one from Joe Friel himself: The goal for your first triathlon should be to finish—with a smile on your face! Good luck!


And – there you have it.  You are totally prepared to do your first triathlon.  You picked the best one and signed up it.  You know about all the gear you need.  Plus, you know exactly what to do every day for the next 8 weeks to prepare your body.  AND now you have tips about your race day.  I am just bursting with joy and excitement for you!  Don’t forget to send me some pictures!

However – if you aren’t quite ready – or feel like you still have a LOT of questions you have a few options.   You can continue to check back in here on Thursdays for on-going triathlon tips.  OR – I am here for questions and have an amazing online training program (with limited spaces so I can give everyone as much personal attention as they need).


Move your body, put good things in and ENJOY every day!

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