5 Plant Based Soup Recipes!

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Whenever I think of soup I am reminded of the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld. “NO SOUP FOR YOU!” Well – if the nutrition trends for 2017 are on target – there will be soup for all of us!!!

Soups might just replace smoothies as the “fit” meal of choice, according to the Association of Healthy Living. Replace SMOOTHIES? I am not quite willing to go that far – but I do like soup. It is an easy, healthy way to incorporate fiber and whole foods. There is also a mindfulness to eating soup. It takes time to sit down and slowly eat soup. The soup trend is actually part of a larger social trend toward minimalism: fewer possessions, smaller living spaces, sparer diets, simpler lifestyles and less complicated lives.

So – are you ready for some fabulous soup recipes?!!? Here are links to 5 of my new favorites!


Oh She Glows Spiced Lentil Soup


All Recipes Vegan Broccoli Soup


Savvy Vegetarian Black Bean Soup


Serious Eats Polenta and Kale Soup


Instructables Vegan Potato Soup



ENJOY the soup trend and share with us your favorite plant based soup recipes!


Move your body, put good things in and ENJOY every day!

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