8 Anti-Inflammatory Foods

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According to Well and Good anti-inflammatory foods are the number one wellness trend of 2017. Now – I am not a super trendy person. I like a classic look in my athleisure and “going out” fashion. The only fashion trends I follow are color – but only then in my hand bag or shoes. I prefer a simple, clean lines and certainly not a lot of fuss. I probably should let someone help me move beyond my standard make up …. But why mess with the natural look?

So – trendy foods? Over the past few years we went through bacon, cupcakes, sliders, fermented food, green juice, coconut everything, gluten free, sriracha and many more. While some like the move to plant based foods and fermented foods are things I have incorporated – I didn’t quite get the whole toast trend. I mean – it’s toast!

However, I am completely down with anti-inflammatory foods and have previously blogged about the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric. Why should we care about inflammation? There are many reasons including cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, even Alzheimer’s disease, may be triggered in part by inflammation.

Our whole body functions better when the foods we eat contribute to it being slightly alkaline rather than acidic. So what types of anti-inflammatory food sare best? Here are 8!

Kelp: High in fiber, this brown algae extract helps control liver and lung cancer, douses inflammation, and is anti-tumor and anti-oxidative. Kombu, wakame and arame are good sources.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The secret to longevity in Mediterranean culture, this oil provides a healthy dose of fats that fights inflammation, can help lower risks of asthma and arthritis, as well as protect the heart and blood vessels.

Cruciferous Vegetables: Broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale and cauliflower are all loaded with antioxidants. Naturally detoxifying, they can help rid the body of possible harmful compounds.

Blueberries: Blueberries not only reduce inflammation, but they can protect the brain from aging and prevent diseases, such as cancer and dementia. Aim for organic berries, as pesticides are hard to wash away due to their size.

Turmeric: This powerful Asian spice contains a natural anti-inflammatory compound, curcumin, which is often found in curry blends. It is said to have the same effect as over-the counter pain relievers (but without their side effects).

Ginger: Ginger contains a host of health benefits. Among them, it helps reduce inflammation and control blood sugar. Ginger tea is a great addition to any diet.

Garlic: Though a little more inconsistent (in terms of research), garlic can help reduce inflammation, regulate glucose and help your body fight infection.

Green Tea: Like produce, this tea contains anti-inflammatory flavonoids that may even help reduce the risks of certain cancers.


Move your body, put good (anti-inflammatory) things in and ENJOY every day!


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