My Favorite Color is (and always will be) Red

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Tuesday night my sister texted “OK … And wear red.  And don’t go to work.”  I was super confused – black is my staple color – not red – and don’t go to work?  Did she call my clients and let them know that I needed a day of rest and meditation. Awesome!  It wasn’t until I woke up that I realized that Wednesday was International Women’s Day.

I didn’t wear red and I did go to work.   What does that say about me?  Well – what it says was that I didn’t know it was a thing or else I may have changed my plans.  But – that is because I am among the lucky that I could have changed my plans.  There are many people who didn’t have the option to wear red or take a day off of work.

What I did do (although not intentionally – but nothing is really an accident) was listen to parts of two Rich Roll podcasts.  The first was the conclusion of a conversation between Rich Roll and Brogan Graham about the November Project.  Have you heard about it?  I sure hadn’t and one of the tribes is in Minneapolis.  But – what an amazing project!  The November Project started as a month-long workout pact between two friends who wanted to stay fit through the cold New England months.  What it has turned into is a grassroots movement that is redefining how we think about and practice fitness.  23 massive tribes in different cities throughout the world bring together people of all fitness levels to turn strangers into friends and connect through sweat.  I was captivated, inspired, sometimes confused but thoroughly intrigued by the idea.  I am blessed that one of the tribes is in Minneapolis and I am committed to checking it out next week.

The second podcast I listened to was a conversation between Rich and his wife Julie entitled Be Devotional, Not Emotional.  It was riveting in a different way.  Julie helped me to think about the difference between Resistance and Insistence.  She is all about bringing as much love and acceptance to all of her endeavors (which, similar to mine did include being part of the Women’s March in January).  It is about celebrating the good in others, while still insisting that we all are treated with dignity and respect.

So – I didn’t wear red today and I did go to work.  And – that is ok.  I still believe in celebrating women and lifting each other up.  I still believe in giving each other a high five or a “yes you can” or a “you rock”!  I believe in putting energy into positive steps forward and spending time having conversations about important things – not the petty or insignificant.  It is about protecting and insisting that my niece and all little girls have a voice and can attend a November Project event.  And at the end of the day my favorite color is and always will be red.


Move your body, put good things in and ENJOY every day!

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  1. Thank you for writing about this! I am not one to march, but I do support women’s rights and love being surrounded by strong and willing people, which happen to be mostly women!

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