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Last Thursday I had put in my calendar that the registration for the Twin Cities Marathon opened.  I have been feeling a little all over the place with my exercise routine – and I figured that training for a marathon would fix that.  I have run a few in the past – so I know what to do and how to train.  So – I wrote myself up a plan and went out for my first run.  YIKES!  What I had failed to plan for is that I am starting at square 1 – or what feels like square -79!  How did I get here ….  And more importantly ….  How am I going to get to the start (and finish) of a marathon?

I was reminded by a recent FaceBook post from Rich Roll.  “Take the long view.  Train where you’re at. Not where you think you should be. …..  Progression isn’t linear.  That to move forward, you first have to make peace with what is.”

So – making peace with where I am at – starting ALL of the way over.  That means incorporating walking and lots of cross training in my marathon training.  It also means listening to my body and understanding and appreciating that my body at (almost) 45 is different than my very first marathon at 25.  I need to remember – #thisis45 #dothework  and #reaptherewards are all true hashtags in marathon training and life!

Now what?  Here are a few pieces of advice that I would give a client – and will now give to myself.  I will be posting more about my marathon training journey here – and on Twitter.  But most of all I will continue to post about how I am enjoying every day!


Join a running group.  I happen to be a super social person – but running has been a solo experience for me most of the time.  It has been my time to unplug, reflect, once in awhile listen to music or a podcast – but usually just time to be me.  It has also been that way because I am insecure that I am so slow.  I don’t ever want to feel like I am holding anyone back.  My head knows that running with a group can help push me to be faster – but also will expand my social circle.  Remembering that one of my words for 2017 is BRAVE – I am going to bravely find a running group and join!  I will keep you updated!


Follow a training schedule.  I have this one down.  But – if you need some help – let me know.  I would love to help design a training schedule for you.


Cross train to build fitness.  I have this one down as well.  Strength training, yoga, biking and some swimming will help me to round out my running.  Again – let me know if you need some help with this in your life!


Avoid coming back too fast.  This is NOT a problem for me.  Speed has never been my problem.  But it is important for me to remind myself that a 30 minute run at the beginning of the journey is great.  I don’t need to get out there for 2 hours – well not yet.  Doing something (which may include rest) ever day to get myself to the starting line is important.


Don’t get discouraged.  This is where having a great support system is SO important.  How will you remind yourself that you are awesome – and the journey is worth it?  Do you need to write yourself notes and leave them around the house?  Do you need to ask a friend to send you random texts reminding you that you are awesome?  Do you need me to let you know that I believe in you?  Figure out what you need – because there will be hard days.  There will be disappointing enjoyouts.  As Rich Roll said – progression isn’t linear.  But – what is so awesome – is that you are on the path!  You are on the path to better health and fitness.


You are putting good things in, moving your body and enjoying every day!

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  1. Great reminders even for those of us NOT running a marathon!

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