Trainer Tip Tuesday: Single leg Deadlift

Looking to strengthen your hamstrings and lower back? Single leg deadlifts are a great exercise to do that in a low-pact way – while also challenging your balance and coordination! Let’s get started!


Take a deep breath and smile. Stand up right with your hands hanging down at your side.

Pick up your left foot.

Keeping your right leg straight (without locking out the knee) take a deep breath in and hinge at the hips. As you lower your torso to the floor keep your back straight and look in front of you – not down at the floor. (This will help to protect your lower back.)

Your arms can hang down in front of you – or if you want to work your balance you can have them up by your head. Your left leg can also be hanging down – or to continue to work on your balance lift the left leg at the glute and form a T with your body.

Once you have lowered your torso (with your back straight) as far as your flexibility allows – exhale (and smile) and slowly stand up.

And – you now have completed one rep! As you do 9 more on the same side – remember to keep your standing leg straight and steady. When you have completed 10 reps you can switch sides. This is going to feel different on each side – but will also help to balance out the difference in strength and flexibility between your right and left side.

If you would like more of a challenge, you can add weight – but honestly this is a great body weight exercise that I use with most of my clients.


Move your body, put good things in and ENJOY every day!


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