Monday Musings: Intentional Words

It is Monday – time for another musing from someone who has impacted my life in many positive ways!  Erin Martinson is an amazing woman with many gifts – which she shares freely with those around her.  She is a daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, pastor, healing touch practioner, triathlete, lover and caretaker of the earth and so much more.  You can read more about her at  We are blessed to today that she was willing to share some of her thoughts.   Take some time to read – and then time to think about your words for the year.


When a new year rolls around many people feel it is a good time make some life changes…to do better or be better resolutions are made, resolutions are broken.  But really any time of year, any moment can be an opportune time to make healthy adjustments in one’s life.

For the past few years instead of resolutions I have picked a word (or three) to guide me into becoming more intentional about how I live.  Words such as…brave, wise, innovate, create, YES, choose, embrace. This year for me it is Savor, Notice, Laugh (SNL – which thought was clever).

By using one word and bringing focus to it as we go through our days we are able to create a stronger intention for making shifts in our life.  Each of the words listed will take form in different ways for different people.  That little word…intentional … carries greater weight than one might think.  When we are intentional about what we do we engage ourselves…mind body spirit… into a focused new reality.

As a Healing Touch Practitioner I find that healing and intention go hand in hand.  However as easy as that sounds many of us take the work too lightly – or think it is magic.  Healing and intention setting take focus and ATTENTION.


The following are some simple everyday practices that one might undertake when setting intentions/resolutions and creating a life that “fits” you.

1- Clear space for the work – When working with changes in energy patterns in your life (or just patterns at all) It is important that you have physical space and time to devote to making the change.  Even a few minutes a day can set you on a helpful path and you may want to add more time as the weeks go on.

2 – Know your intention – understand that your intentions are different than a task or a goal.  Intentions are about who you are in life (mind body and soul).  When you set an intention be clear about what it means.

3 – Write it down –  Writing things down can shift our energy patterns.  The movement of pen or pencil across a page rewires our brains because we are using more of our senses to move toward our intentions.  I often write down my intentions for the year in January and then sometime in in November look back on it and I am remarkably impressed with how much I have actually accomplished, how far I have come in becoming…

4- Time is in fact on your side – Trust that the time you have to focus solely on an intention will be sufficient.  Energy has no confines of space and time.  We can set intentions for healing and relationships from any time in our lives.  If you only have a few minutes a day to make a change, it can be enough if you are focused with your intention, however when you can take time to really “do the work” the results will appear more quickly.

5- Do the Work – this is sometimes where it is easy to get stuck, there comes a point when one just has to do the work.  Even just a little.  Whatever energy and intention you put into making positive change, will build and grow with time.


What are your words?  This year mine are ENJOY, brave and choice.


Move your body, put good things in and ENJOY every day!

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