Exercise makes you awesome! (And a better employee!!)

Did you know that moving your body and putting good things in makes you a better employee?  Seriously!   Want to know why?  Well ….

Exercise makes you generally awesome.  And who doesn’t want to work with someone awesome?  Ok …. Maybe that isn’t scientific – but it is true!  Both about you being awesome and the latter.

You take fewer sick days.  Moving your body and putting good things in will increase your immunity and energy levels.  This makes you less susceptible to workplace viruses and injuries.  Not to say that you won’t ever get sick – but the research shows that people who exercise take far fewer sick days than employees who are much more sedentary.

You have lower stress levels.  You know that exercise lowers your stress level and the research supports that.  You know that sweat actually does make you smile.  You’ll remember how much better you feel after a gym session, despite the “stuff” that might get in between you and your smile. Regular exercise raises endorphins and lowers cortisol. This makes for a less-stressed employee, which is good for everyone. Especially, whoever sits on the other side of the wall from you!

You’re productive throughout the day.  Your energy levels maintain or continue to soar throughout the day.  You know what good things to put in so you don’t have that 3pm slump.  You don’t need to head out for coffee or a sugary drink – you know exactly what you need to continue to maintain and push through!

You create relationships easily.  Whether you are a marathon runner or love biking or are a regular at the yoga studio – if you are engaging in exercise you generally like to talk about it.  When you discover that you have something in common with someone at work it makes it much easier to start conversations and create connections with colleagues.  You may be regarded as a better employee because you will quickly integrate yourself into a new team.  Plus – with all of the endorphins you will be smiling all of the time and who doesn’t want to hang out with happy people?

You’ve got mental strength.  Not everyone has the mental capacity to make it through how you are moving your body.  You understand how to breathe through a difficult Sun Salutation, settle in for a long climb or push through the last set of deadlifts.  When faced with something challenging at work – a busy shift, a challenging meeting or a complicated matter to resolve – you know how to take a deep breath, smile and approach the issue. You’ll break it down into workable pieces – knowing that yes you can!  And– you can with a smile.

You have emotional awareness.  You know how to listen to your body and give it what it needs.  You know when to back off of an exercise or take an additional breath in a pose.  You understand how to fuel both your fast paced group ride and slop for the required “ mid-ride treat stop” when you are with your kids.  You are aware both of your own needs, but that of others.  You understand when someone at work needs some space to think through an issue or the nudge to make the decision.

You’ve got good time management.  It’s not easy getting to the gym 3-5 times a week, plus all of the other things you have on your calendar. You’ve got to plan around work, kids, family and social commitments. Most dedicated exercisers will have planned their week around their run/yoga session/ride/swim/tennis game/you name it.  You’ll be very aware of everything else that you’ve got going on, but will know how to manage it. Anyone who call pull this off long-term can sort out their work calendar too. Sure, there might be extra chit chat about an upcoming race or new yoga instructor, but any exercise-related downtime will be made up for by a generally more productive employee.

You do the work to reap the reward.  Making progress – increasing strength, endurance, flexibility or whatever your physical goals might be – requires hard work and dedication. You know that you need to do the work to reap the reward.  And you take these values with you to work.  At work, you give all your tasks 100%.  You’re efficient and you’re organized because you display these qualities not only during your weekly ride with your friends, but in all aspects of your life.

And did I mention how awesome you are?  I just wanted to remind you of that.  The time you take to move your body, put good things in and ENJOY life is important.  To you – your family – your friends – and, yes, your employer will also benefit from it.

So – keep smiling – and feel free to share this with your employer – just as another reminder to them of how awesome you are!


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