Monday Musings: Wellness – Never Just One Thing

Every Monday I am inviting guest bloggers to share their thoughts, views or perhaps musings about all things wellness.

Richard is a founding Partner of Future Systems Consulting, ShareOn and Wholly Fit!.  He is also a Partner in Breakthough Performance.  Richard brings over 40 years of experience focusing on leadership development in areas of change and transformation.  His approach centers on the issues of authority, responsibility, and power demonstrating how they can be exercised more fully leading to personal accountability and healthy synergistic change.  Today he shares his view about being well – body, mind and spirit.


Wellness – Never Just One Thing                                                                    

You never do just one thing.  Oh, sure you can focus on just one thing for a short period of time, however our lives are more whole and our attention spans are generally quite short.  When I attempt – I am not always successful – to be well I try to multi-task.  I try to attend to more than one thing at a time.  I try to exercise some combination of mind, body, and spirit.  Here are 3 quick examples:


Body and Spirit

I woke up with wellness on my mind.  As I started my morning stretches reflections – in the mirror and in my mind – reminded me of who I am, and who I am becoming.  As my body loosened from the night sleep I became more and more alert.  I realized that I was living well.  Seeing my body and reflecting on larger spiritual questions of being and becoming revealed much.  Good food for thought – having an introverted preference, I do much in my mind – it may be a good idea to keep my mind healthy.  If you have an extraverted preference you may want to talk to yourself – you never know who is listening.

3 Additional Wellness Tips

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Body and Mind

Today I am well, I concluded.  Now something to eat (muesli, raisins, and honey) to provide energy as I read the news.  Multiple sources of the same news stories provide various perspectives.  I enjoy reading opposing views – not because I like arguments or disagreements, rather because I thrive on diversity.  It is diversity that keeps me (us) alive – perhaps a topic for another blog.  Plus, reading differing views is a good mind exercise.


My mind is racing – how to take it all in and make sense out of news, fake news, opinions, and the strange thoughts of others.  This mental activity is keeping me well, I am sure.  Synthesis, evaluation, and valuing are among the highest of cognitive activity.  This makes me feel good, about myself as I realize that an active mind is contributing to my total health.


Of course I try to eat well, get good sleep, and exercise physically.  So, as the day progresses I try to remain mentally alert practicing things that are good for my brain, my body, and my spirit.  Not always an easy task, however if I am aware of wellness I (all of us) can do some productive multi-tasking.

Mind and Body

When climbing the stairs, count up in a foreign language starting from 0 when you are going up the stairs, and count down from 120 when you are going down the stairs.  Engaging your mind in this way strengthens memory, assists in the ability to focus, and increases language skills.  You can also do this when killing time for example, there are times each day when we find ourselves waiting for something.  This morning as I waited in line at the post office I counted, in another language from 0 to 120 and then backwards from 120 to 0.  It only takes 4 to 5 minutes depending on how fast you count.  I was able to keep my body relaxed and exercise my mind as I stood in line.   Doing more than just one thing at a time.


Mind, Body, Spirit

Most nights as I settle in bed, I exercise my mind, body, and my spirit – so that I may fall asleep quickly.  I practice an old breathing and focus tactic that works very well.  Inhale to the count of 4.  Then hold your breath to the count of 7. Finally exhale to the count of 8.  Repeat 3 times.  Then immediately focus on a very specific point in your mind.  Being Christian I focus on the cross – you can use any icon or symbol that is meaningful to you.  As I sharpen the focus from the full cross to a specific corner in the cross I am sleeping before I can see the grains in the wood…


I find it most productive to be aware – conscious – of what you are exercising.  Work toward to healthy alignment of mind, body, and spirit.

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