To Shower or Not to Shower?

I don’t know about you – but when I go out for a run or have a good session in the gym I sweat.  And not the glisten or glow that some of the fashion magazines talk about – I S.W.E.A.T.!  And it’s not pretty.  Have you ever been to a race or the gym and witness the woman who is working really hard and sweating – but still manages to look good?  And then she can quick rinse off – spray a little dry shampoo in her hair and leaves the gym looking fantastic?  I admire (or perhaps envy) those women.  I am NOT one of those women.    When I sweat it is dripping from everywhere.  Don’t even think about wearing makeup!  And – then the big question:  To shower or not to shower?  Can I get by with just a quick wipe off?  Do I have to wash my hair?  Will all the make-up I put on in the HOT locker room melt off my face before I get to the car?

Honestly – I don’t have any easy answers –  but there are some great products out there to help:


Post Enjoyout Body Wipes.  Now – I have been known to change clothes in a winery restroom in CA after an 80 mile ride and then spend the day wine tasting.  Meaning – I have used my share of wet wipes in my past – and if you want to feel fresh and not smell like a baby – here are a few that I would recommend:

GoodWipes – Deodorizing Body Biodegradable Wipes

Playtex Sport Body Wipes Travel Pack

HyperGo After Sports Wipes

If you don’t want to purchase something and are going for a more natural option – you can always wet down a washcloth and put a few drops of tea tree and citrus (I am loving grapefruit at the moment.) on the washcloth.  Then put it in a plastic baggie and you are good to go!


Deodorant.  Can I be honest and completely blunt?  I sweat a lot.  And it is not just when I am exercising.  I am a sweater.  There – it’s out there.  AND – it doesn’t always smell like flowers ….  sometimes I stink!  Uggggggg.  It has been a life long struggle with finding a good deodorant.  Seriously – I have resigned myself to buying clothing where you can’t see sweat ….  which really means most of my clothing is black.  I have even considered getting Botox in my armpits to stop the sweating ……  I haven’t quite gone that far yet – but I have found an amazing product that doesn’t use aluminum.  (Ask me later about that – and other than making my own – which I have done this product rocks!)

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant


Headbands and hair binders.  Ok – my hair is this crazy type of wavy – not quite straight and not quite curly – and not EVER beachy waves unless I spend an hour making it that way.  I always pull my hair back after a workout – and here are some of the only products I use.

Goody Ouchless No Metal Elastics  Totally basic and absolutely necessary!

Bolder Bands Some of the best – NO SLIP headbands that I have ever tried.  And I have tried a LOT!  Most headbands slip out of my hair making them absolutely useless.  These are amazing!!!

Hippie Runner These are my second favorite.


Dry Shampoo.  Ok – once in awhile I can get by with just using some dry shampoo.  I have dark hair and have tried SO many brands and ALWAYS find that I look like I have gray hair after spraying only a little bit.  Uggggg ….. someday I will embrace the gray – but at 44 today is not that day.  Here are two brands that I LOVE.

Shu Uemura  This product is AMAZING.  It is a little pricey – but for me worth the splurge.  If you want to use something a bit less pricey try:

Clean Freak

You can also use baking soda for a more natural solution – but that does tend to leave a white powder.


Odor Stifling Clothing.  I do have to admit that I have been told (more than once) that a piece of clothing – albeit right out of the clean laundry – needs to go.  Seriously – my favorite black wicking t-shirt needs to go?  How will I ever find another one?  Uggggggg …… Ok – even the ones that say they prevent odor need to go at some point.  But I will tell you – here are some of my favorites which do last a LONG time!

Athleta Fastest Track

Icebreaker Women’s Tech Top

Velocity Run Pullover


So – after all of that – and the some of my favorite laying pieces here:

Keep Calm Pullover Wrap

North Face Vest

Studio Wrap

I do manage to look presentable after an awesome enjoyout.  What I don’t wear most days for makeup is made up by flushed cheeks from all of the blood pumping fun!  ….  And – someday I will share all of my non-enjoyout products ….  Because it is amazing seeing a client when I am wearing streetwear and have some makeup on and my hair done and they do a double take.  Yep – I clean up nice!

Move your body (so that you sweat) – put good things in and ENJOY everyday!

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