7 Tips to Curb Holiday Snacking

There is so much to love about the holidays.  Family. Friends. And of course tasty treats!  Cookies.  Candy.  Pie.  Egg nog. (well – I can TOTALLY skip that treat – but I know my MOM loves it!)  Sugar is EVERYWHERE!!!  It can be hard to make good choices – even for the most healthy eater.  Here are a 7 tips that might help during the next few weeks.

WATER!!! Carry a water bottle with you everywhere and fill it up – often.  It can help curb hunger and staying hydrated will help make your skin glow during all of the holiday parties.  If you are feeling like it – add some Vega Greens to your water and get an added benefit.

SIT DOWN! Try and sit down when you are eating.  It can be easy to grab something when you are running out the door or snack while you are preparing dinner.  Make it a challenge and sit down when you are putting something in your mouth.  It can also help to ensure you are being more mindful about what you are eating and be in better touch with your hunger level.

BE PREPARED! Make sure that you have a healthy snack with you when you are out shopping or at work.  Carry a Vega Protein + Snack bar, a Lara bar or some almonds with you.  It will take the edge off and provide you with some good carbs and protein.

PROTEIN AND VEGGIES! Make sure you are filling up on lean protein and lots of veggies.  This will help you feel full and ensure that you are keeping your energy levels high for wrapping presents and singing Christmas carols.

SHARE! If you are given the gift of cookies or candy share it with others.  Perhaps you can bring it to work or church or somewhere you know it will be enjoyed.  It is so much easier to make good choices if the treats are not sitting on your kitchen counter.

CHOOSE WISELY! You don’t have to say no to everything – just don’t say yes to everything either.  If you really want the egg nog, perhaps you pass on the fudge.  Don’t deprive yourself – but make sure you REALLY want and will enjoy the choices you make.

BE REALISTIC! Now probably isn’t the time to try to make major changes. Set a realistic goal to maintain your current size and keep up your habit of fitness. The holidays only come once a year, so try to slow down and enjoy it!

Remember – move your body – put good things in and ENJOY!

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  1. This makes perfect sense, and I do like roasted veggies and meat better than sweets. Sometimes I feel I eat it just because it’s there, or I am there. Ok, I am going to carry this with me as virtual mentoring from you Rachel. Thanks!

  2. Oh and, almonds yes, vegan bars not so much for me.

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