Stop Sitting – Move Your Body

Think about it – we can do almost anything from the comfort of the couch. We can do banking on our cell phones, order food to be delivered to us, communicate to anyone, anywhere from our phone or computer.  We barely have to move!  Yikes!!!

We sit – a lot.

For long periods of time.

We drive to work. Sit at a computer all day. Drive home. Sit in front of the TV. Then go to bed. Our physical activity levels have dropped dramatically and research is starting to show the alarming effect this is having on our long-term health and our backsides!

Studies are even showing that even for people who fit in an hour of exercise a day, if the rest of their day is spent sitting for long periods, their metabolic health is still compromised.

There is much research indicating that “sitting” time, TV time, and time sitting in automobiles increases premature mortality risk’. Meaning that sitting too much could quite literally be killing you.

So – what’s a girl to do?  I need to drive to work (as currently it is 30 miles away – more on that later!).  I need to get stuff done at work – so more sitting and then I do sit a bit (or more than a bit) to relax when I get home.  Uggggg ….How can I counteract this when my lifestyle has evolved to the point where we work more than we play (besides quitting my job and I am not quite ready to retire)? The answer is simply to move, move, move your body. Even if you’re a busy executive/stay at home blogger/fill in the blank tied to a desk. You just need to get a bit creative.

  1. Create Competition: Put technology to good use and use a smart watch or activity tracker to track your daily steps and aim for 10,000 steps a day. Start a friendly competition with your work colleagues to track your steps and see who can walk the most in a day, or arrange group walks at lunchtime.
  2. Walk and talk: Meetings are notoriously long and boring, so why not take a meeting for a walk. Even if you don’t leave the building, walk and talk. Apart from the benefit you’ll get from the added movement to your day, the exercise may even spur on some fresh ideas.
  3. Stand and work: If your work environment allows, try prop up your computer on a stand or a higher desk so you have to stand at your desk rather than sitting.  (I am getting a standing desk this month – so I will report back and let you know how it goes.) Take it one step further and set up your computer on a treadmill set at a low speed and move while you work.
  4. Take a break: Set a timer to go off every 30 minutes and make a point of standing up. Even if it’s just to stretch a bit, or to take a walk around the office. Challenge yourself to get as much done as you can in 25 minutes and then take a much deserved break.  Studies show that those short bursts of work can be more effective than focusing for longer periods of time.  Win-win for both work and your backside!


Basically – as I have said before – move your body and ENJOY!

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