Fit Foods Friday: Get More Greens




You know how good leafy green vegetables are – right?  You know that you are supposed to include them in your meals – right?  But what do you do when you actually don’t like spinach?  Yep – you heard me correctly – I don’t really like spinach.  (I do LOVE kale, arugula, romaine, broccoli rabe, mustard greens and many others – just not spinach.  I think is it a texture thing.)  So – how exactly do you get more greens into your diet?  Here are 5 easy ways!

  1. Green Smoothies!  This is probably my favorite way.  I usually put a few cups of spinach in the bottom of my blender before filling it with fruit and sometimes a protein powder.  I promise you will not taste the spinach and like magic – you will have eaten 1 – 3 servings of vegetables before starting the rest of your day.  This is a simple recipe I use most mornings:

1 cup of liquid (water, coconut or almond milk, or coconut water

2 big handfuls of spinach (2 – 3 cups)

1 frozen banana (or mango)

1 scoop of Vega One (Coconut Almond is my new favorite flavor)

Optional:  frozen pineapple or other frozen fruit

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  1. Adding greens to your breakfast scramble! When you are adding vegetable to your breakfast scramble (using eggs or tofu), don’t forget to throw in some greens.  Spinach wilts really well – and can be added just at the end.  Another super easy way to start the day out with some leafy greens.
  2. Soups! Now that winter is here soup tends to make it on my table more often.  Adding some leafy greens to your soup can be another way to easily slip some more greens in.   Here is a link to 12 recipes using leafy greens:
  3. Pasta! Well – actually a replacement for pasta.  I first had this at an Italian restaurant while traveling for work.  We were able to pick the pasta type and then sauce to go with it.  One of the “pasta” choices was spinach.  I was a little apprehensive, because – as I mentioned before – spinach isn’t my favorite.  However, it was actually delicious and I didn’t miss the pasta one bit!  Try it – you might like it too!!!
  4. Salads! Of course that had to make the list.  Although, there are SO many options for salad and salad dressings that you would never have to have the same one twice.  However – you will probably find a few that you like.  Here is my current favorite.  I don’t actually measure any of the amounts – just depends on how hungry I am.

Mixed greens (usually romaine, kale and arugula)

Handful of sprouts (Currently I like broccoli)






Raw almonds

Hemps seeds


Dress with a combination of lemon juice and olive oil.

Salt and pepper as needed.


Hopefully this helps you add more beneficial greens into your diet.  Remember – put good things in and ENJOY!

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  1. Yes, good ideas. I do find it challenging to get enough greens, and putting them in a smoothie is much easier than eating that much!

  2. I agree! I could never eat that many greens during the day if I didn’t put big handfuls in my smoothies!

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