Trainer Tip Tuesday: The Squat

Want to exercise but don’t have access to a gym? NO PROBLEM! Body weight exercises can be super effective – especially for beginners. Starting today every Tuesday you can check back here for tips to train at home – NO equipment needed!

Today let’s start with a basic squat. Squats are a full-body fitness staple that work the hips, glutes, quads & hamstrings – and even the core! They can help improve balance, coordination and like any load bearing exercise – they improve bone density.

OK – ready to get started?

  1. Stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart – hips stacked over the knees – and knees over ankles. Now take a deep breath and smile! This is supposed to be fun!
  2. Roll your shoulders back and down away from your ears. Make sure you are keeping a neutral spine throughout the entire movement. This will help alleviate any stress on your lower back.
  3. Take another deep breath in (still smiling) and send your hips backward as you start to bend your knees.
  4. As you are sticking your butt out – make sure your check and shoulders stay lifted. A trick to make sure that you are not bending forward through the hips: stand with your toes about 6 inches from a wall. You should be able to perform the entire movement without touching the wall.
  5. Sink down as far as your mobility allows. Work toward getting your hips below your knees – but be gentle and listen to your body – and don’t force anything.
  6. Once you have gotten as low as you can – engage your core and exhale as you drive through your heels and stand up.

YEA!!! One squat complete! Remember to smile as you start your next one.

A few things to look out for as you are doing your next one:

  1. Knees coming inward: If your knees are dropping inward during your squat – first try turning out your toes slightly. Make sure your knees are tracking over your ankles and cue yourself to push them out.
  2. Body leaning forward: The first trick I already told you about – standing in front of a wall. Also – make sure that your weight is in your heels throughout the entirety of the movement. This will help elevate your torso and keep your hips down.

NOW – let’s get back to doing some more squats! How many will you do today?

See you back here next week for another Trainer Tip Tuesday! ENJOY!

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