When is it too much information?

Did I make it to 20,000? Or 10,000 or WHAT?  Do I need to do some “housewalking”?  How can I only have 2475 steps today?  This tracker MUST be broken!!!

I am in the undecided camp about Fitness Trackers.  I am undecided about which ones work better for different activities and I am undecided if it is necessary to track at all.

My sister – who is my fitness inspiration has a stressful relationship with her fitness tracker.  She is an amazing role model, athlete, sister, mother, wife, daughter, healer, friend, pastor …..  AND sometimes ruled by her fitness tracker.  While information is good – when is it too much?

I remember SUFFERING through spin classes the days I forgot my heart rate monitor.  (These were the days before all things digital).  How would I know if I had a good ride?  Was I pushing myself enough?  Did I really get a good workout?  I would honestly look at my mom’s read out on her bike – and base my workout off of hers.  REALLY?

Ok – while I find information important and sometimes super useful – I am more often asking myself and my clients to tune into their bodies.  How do you FEEL?  Is this exercise serving you today?  Is this getting you closer to your goal – or are you aggravating an injury?  This should probably lead into a whole series of posts about mindfulness – which others are much better at describing than I am.  But – I want us/me/you to get back to really listening to our bodies – engaging mindfully with ourselves and letting that be the determinant  – not your activity tracker.

What are your thoughts about fitness trackers?  Do you use them?  Do you like them?  What are your ways of finding balance?

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