Love Your Body. Every Day.

Ok – that is hard.  Are there really people who love their body  – their whole body – every day?  I would love to learn from you – wherever you are.  Do I love my whole body every day?  No.  But do I love parts of my body every day?  Yes.  Absolutely yes.

I have been living with my body for 40 plus years and we have a complicated relationship.  But what relationship isn’t complicated?  Do you really get along with everyone else you know all the time every day?  I sure don’t.  What I do love every day – every single day – is that my body is capable of amazing things.  My body has run a marathon and an ironman.  My body has climbed Mt. Fuji.  My body has travelled through Europe, Africa and to 46 states in the USA.  My body has enjoyed my lover.  My body has healed a broken bone and soon to heal a torn rotator cuff.  My body has also sat silently with someone who has lost their father, mother, daughter, friend.  My body sits still as I practice quieting my mind during meditation.  My body gets out of bed every day and allows me to enjoy life and only asks to be nourished and moved.

Are there things I wish I could change about my body?  Sure – and we are all works in progress – and nothing is stopping me from changing my body.  But – the best part – the most fun part – is that I have learned to be one with my body and enjoy life every day.

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