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Have you ever had that dream?  The one you are out in public and you are not wearing pants?  Think it only happens in your dreams?  You would be wrong – at least according to an experience I had in a Boot Camp class I was leading years ago.  I was teaching a 6am Boot Camp and it happened to be in the dead of winter in MN.  The class had started – and probably a good thing – the class liked to start with the lights down low.  I had a gentleman run into the class 5 minutes late – whip off his sweatpants and start right in with the class doing jumping jacks.  And – much to my surprise (and to his about 30 second later) he had only managed to remember to put on boxers under his sweatpants!  Just imagine …. I NEVER want you to come unprepared to the gym, so let’s talk exercise clothes and preparation today.

I am a morning exerciser.  I have tried the whole sleeping in thing and promising myself I will go after work.  The only time I was successful at that was during my Ironman training – but I wasn’t sleeping in –  I was getting in two enjoyouts a day.  Certainly not something I can endorse for everyone for very long.  Anyway …. I am a morning exerciser and found that the ONLY way to truly be prepared for a great sweat session in the morning and make it to work with everything you need is to pack your bag the night before.  Despite the fact that I am a morning person I will share that on more than one occasion I have forgotten an important item of clothing.  The worst that happened to me was forgetting a dry bra for work.  Good thing that I didn’t have any meeting before 10am and I was able to slip out and purchase one right as the stores opened! This wouldn’t have happened if I had prepacked the night before.

Perhaps you like to work out in the middle of the day or after work.  I can’t tell you the number of times I trained people without shoes or had to modify the workout to eliminate the bounce – or the times my clients worked out in their skirts (Don’t worry – there is really no excuse to miss an enjoyout with me!).  However – these situations are not ideal.  Again – prepack your bags!

I am sure there will still be times in my life where I forget and have to deal with the consequences – but please – do yourself a favor and prepack your bags!

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