Meditation – Simple ENJOY Style

Who doesn’t want a little more joy in their life?  Or more brain capacity?  Or perhaps a fresher look on your face?  Regular mediation can do all of that for you.  Now – I am not the expert – nor will I spend time talking about all of the clinical benefits (here are a few links if you are interested).  What I do want to tell you about is my experience.

What I know for sure about meditation is that it is called practicing mediation for a reason.  It takes practice – LOTS of practice!  I think that I have been in and out of practice for longer than a decade.  What I also know is that when I am in a regular practice of meditation I am honestly much calmer and happier.  The perfect (well – nothing about meditation is perfect) time for me is right away when I get up in the morning.  I do happen to be a morning person – but despite that – I also find that it helps me set the right mood and intention for the day.

Now – I don’t follow all of the “rules” of meditation.  I don’t sit on the floor unassisted.  I don’t have a special room or set out special candles or anything else that would look like I am meditation.  I probably just look like I am sitting on the couch sleeping …  but right now it works for me.  Here is my morning routine:

  1. Get up (sometimes even before my alarm)
  2. Use the bathroom
  3. Have a drink of water (sometimes with lemon or grapefruit essential oil)
  4. Sit upright on the couch with my legs crisscross
  5. I have a blanket on my legs and a pillow in my lap
  6. Start the 15 minute Headspace app
  7. 15 minutes later I am done.

Sometimes I journal afterward – but more often I head out to the gym or turn on the tv for a quick bit of news before heading out to work.  Easy peasy lemon squeazy.  That’s all.  And it is working for me.  Now – go and enjoy every day!

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